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BOECO Sunflower Mini-Shaker 3D

Mini-Shaker 3D with adjustable speed and constant angle of mixing. Very small and ideal for private diagnostics. Incl. black non-slip silicone mat.

BOECO Mini-rocker Shaker MR-1

provides gentle rocking motion. It is perfect for soft mixing of biological components. Incl. black non-slip silicone mat

BOECO Microplate Shaker PSU-2T

Specially designed for medical diagnostic.

BOECO Microplate Incubator Shaker PST-60 HL

The PST-60 HL are ideal for a variety of cytochemistry, immunochemistry, biochemistry and research applications.

BOECO Universal Orbital Shaker OS-20

Compact, low-profile, orbital laboratory shaker for versatile applications in the fields of biotechnology, microbiology and medical diagnostics.

BOECO Universal Orbital Shaker PSU-10i

Equipped with the direct drive system and brushless motor, our compact, powerful and quiet microprocessor controlled orbital laboratory shaker for many general purpose shaking applications.

BOECO Programmable Orbital Shaker PSU-15i

The PSU-15i belongs to a new generation of multifunctional mixing devices: The new design, direct drive system, brushless motor (service lifeup to 35000 hours) and automatic loading balancing system make the new PSU-15i even more reliable especially for

BOECO Orbital Shaker Incubator ES-20/80

Our BOECO ES-20/80 shaker-incubator for biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories is a professional category equipment.Available Q3/2018 !

BOECO Thermo-shaker for Microtubes TS-100

is a space saving, compact and cost-efficient solution for shaking and temperature control of small samples in 0,5 ml., 1,5 ml and 2,0 ml microtubes.

BOECO Thermo-shaker for Microtubes TS-100C

is a heating and cooling thermomixer.

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