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BOECO Microplate Shaker PSU-2T

Orbital shaking platform IPP-2 with a holding mechanism for 2 standard microtiter plates.
The use of direct drive and brushless motor allows continuous mixing up to 7 days and ensures reliable, trouble-free operation.
The variable speed control provides an optimally adapted speed range from 150 to 1200 rpm with an orbit of 2 mm.

Orbit size:2 mm
Speed range:150 - 1000 l/min
Speed display:scale (min/max)
Timer:digital, 1 min - 23h. 59 min / non-stop
Overall size:220 x 205 x 90 mm
Weight:2 kg
Power:12 V. 500 mA (External power adapter)
BOE 8052000Microtiter Plate Shaker PSU-2T, incl. platform IPP-2 AC Adapter 100-240V with Multi plug (EU, US, UK, AU)
BOE 8052002Platform IPP-4 for 4 Microtiter Plates

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