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Incubator, Aspirator

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Incubator, Aspirator

BOECO Personal Digital Incubator SI-22

due to its compact architecture the SI-22 provides an economical, efficient and space saving personal solution for incubating culture flasks,dishes, tubes and test plates.

BOECO Compact CO2 Incubator S-BT

S-Bt Smart Biotherm is designed for work in the areas of cell biology (operations with animal cell cultures and tissues), molecular biology (DNA/RNA reaction analysis, hybridization reactions), biotechnology (synthesis of target proteins and other molecul

BOECO Aspirator FTA-1 with Trap Flask

is designed for aspiration/removal of alcohol/buffer remaining quantities from microtest tube walls during DNA/RNA purification and other macromolecule reprecipitation techniques.

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Incubator, Aspirator

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