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Water Stills

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Water Stills

Water Stills - Dest-4

standard water stiller with integrated low-water cut-out, continuous production of high pure water, free of dissolved metals and pyrogens

Water Stills - BOECO DEST 4L

vertical water still with stainless steel boiler and borosilicate condenser.

Water Stills - BOECO DEST 10L

Vertical water still with 3 metalic heaters and a large surface condenser madeof borosilicate glass 3.3.

BOECO Water Stills WS 4000 / WS 8000

Stainless steel water still with thermostatic low water cut-off and level switch which activates the heater if there is enough level of water in the boiler.

BOECO Dest Tank 4000 / 8000

Stainless steel water still for automatic and continuous operation with built-in 8/16 l storage tank.

BOECO Bidest 4

is our Bidistiller designed to work automatically with a production of 4 liters per hour, includes several safety systems to work continuously.

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