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BOECO Hematocrit Centrifuge HC-240

High-speed bench-top centrifuge for hematocrit determinations with brushless frequency drive. At 16.060 g Sedimentation is completed in just a little over 6 minutes.

BOECO Centrifuge SC-8

Practical and handy the SC-8 is the ideal centrifuge for small sample volumens. It is supplied with a 8-place angle steel rotor, which accomodates various tube systems as well as 15 ml glass tubes without adapters. The centrifuge is microprocessor contr

BOECO Centrifuge SC-6

The BOECO SC-6 is a small centrifuge with a swing-out rotor especially designed for use in linical laboratories and medical practices.It accepts common blood or urine tubes up to a volume of 15 ml and accelerates them to a maximum speed of 4,000 rpm--1

BOECO Centrifuge C-28A

The non-refrigerated microprocessor-controlled C-28 A is the ideal benchtop centrifuge for performing daily routine tasks in doctors’ laboratories and small hospitals.

BOECO Mini Centrifuge M-6

this Mini-centrifuge os ideal for quick spin downs for Micro and PCR tubes and PCR strip. The M-6 is supplied with a 6 x 1,5/2,0ml angle rotor, a x8x0,2ml strip rotor and a slide rotor.

BOECO Centrifuge Microspin 12

is a compact bench-top microliter centrifuge for medical and biological research; molecular diagnostics, biochemistry, immunology and cell technologies. It can be used for extracting RNA/DNA samples, separation of cell suspensions and other micro quantita

BOECO Centrifuge MC-24

Powerful, space-saving, low-noise, reliable and microprocessor-controlled microlitre centrifuge with brushless frequency drive.NEW VERSION WITH 14.000 RPM

BOECO Centrifuges M-240 / M-240R

The M-240 and M-240R rank among the fastest centrifuges in their class –With a maximum speed of 15,000 rpm and an RCF of 21,382 they are not only fast, the M-240R also refrigerates quickly: to +4°C with the Fast Cool function in 10 to 15 minutes..

BOECO Centrifuges U-320 / U-320R

Because of their comprehensive range of accessories, the U-320 and U-320R centrifuges are the perfect universal centrifuges for routines inbasic research and R&D laboratories of the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry.

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