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BOECO Latest catalog 2018 - 2020


New Products

BOECO Tube Roller TR-6
BOECO Desktop Incubator I-18 and Universal Desktop Oven U-18
BOECO Orbital Shaker Incubator ES-20/80
BOECO Compact CO2 Incubator S-BT
BOECO Magnetic Stirrer MSH 140, MSH 140 Digital
Mini Diaphragm Vacuum Pump N96
BOECO Overhead Stirrers OST-25 / OST-40
BOECO Centrifuge S-6
BOECO Blood Tube Rotator BTR 16
BOECO pH pen with fixed electrode (not replaceable)
Digital timer, jumbo display
BOECO Pipettes, IP Series, premium fixed volume pipette
Boeco pipettes,IP Series premium multichannel pipettes
BOECO Magnetic Stirrer with ceramic hotplate HSC-400
Boeco Micro UV-VIS Spectrophotometer models N-1 touch & N-1c touch
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