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BOECO Dry Bath Block Incubator DBI-100, DBI-200

BOECO DRY BATH BLOCK INCUBATOR DBI-100, DBI-200 are ideal for incubation and activation of cultures, enzyme reactions,blood urea nitrogen eterminations, immunoassays, melting/boiling points and a wide variety of laboratory procedures.
A supplied special block extraction tool allows to remove blocks easily.

Temperature control range:RT +5°C - 105°CRT +5°C - 105°C
Display Accuracy :0,1 °C0,1 °C
Temperature Stability @100°C0,4 °C0,4 °C
Uniformity1)within the block @37°C0,2 °C0,2 °C
Heating Time (25 to 100°C) less than 15 minless than 15 min
Timer:1 min - 99,59 hrs1 min - 99,59 hrs
Block Quantity:1 2
Power, max:100 W 200 W
Size mm :250x190x130 365x210x150
Weight:2,5 kg 4,5
1)uniformity is measured with a sample height within the block 2)for blocks DB 10, 11 the lid can not be closed, for blocks DB 15-19 the lid could only be closed if the tube height is less than 80 mm
BOE 8018000Dry Block Thermostat DBI-100, 200/240V 50/60 Hz
BOE 8018100Dry Block Thermostat DBI-100, 110/120V 50/60 Hz
BOE 8019000Dry Block Thermostat DBI-200, 200/240V 50/60 Hz
BOE 8019100Dry Block Thermostat DBI-200, 110/120V 50/60 Hz

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BOECO Dry Bath Block Incubator DBI-100, DBI-200

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