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Laboratory Water Purification System BOECOpure Plus

The all-rounder for H2O pure type ASTM I + ASTM II

If both, pure and ultra pure water in small quantities is required, BOECOpure PLUS is the perfect system.
The ability to provide both types from a single system results from the combination of ultramodern purification technologies. These also make it possible to connect the system directly to a drinking water tap.

A press on the dispenser button activates dispensing of ultrapure water type ASTM I via the digital dispenser control. The recirculation of the pure water held in the installed 10 litre tank keeps it permanently at type ASTM II quality. The pure water tank has a second outlet for feeding downstream end users.


  • OptiFill dispenser is standard
  • TapWater set for direct connection to a drinking water tap
  • 10-litre pure water tank has a pressure outlet
  • Tank volume display in percent
  • Simple and economical filter replacement
  • Leakage sensor is standard
  • Type ASTM I dispensing performance is 1,6 / 2 l/min.
  • Type ASTM II draw-off is up to 6 l/h / 12 l/h
  • Ready-to use, including filter cartridges
    (Pre-treatment cartridge with RO membrane and ultrapure water cartridge)

The BOECOpure PLUS UV is supplemented with UV-oxidation, 185/254 nm.
The BOECOpure PLUS UV/UF is supplemented with an ultrafilter and UV-oxidation, 185/254 nm.

ASTM Type I Ultrapure water applicable for Molecular biology, microbiology, PCR, inorganic and organic trace analysis HPLC, ICP, TOC-analysis

ASTM Type II pure water applicable for Rinsing laboratory glassware, preparing and diluting buffers, reagents, tissue culture media and dyes.
Sample preparation for analytical methods such as flame AAS

Specification ASTM II: Standard UV UV/UF
Pure water performance at 15°C: 6l/h 6 or 12 l/h 6 l/h
Conductivity: 0.067-0.1µS/cm 
Resistance:  15-10 MO x cm 
Pure water tank pressurized outlet  yes 
Specification  ASTM I  Standard  UV  UV/UF
Conductivity:  0.055 µS/cm 
Resistance:  18.2 MO x cm 
Bacterial ** content: 5-10 ppb 1-5 ppb 1-5 ppb
Dispensing performance: up to 2 l/min up to 2 l/min up to 1.6 l/min
Bacterial ** content:  < 1 CFU/ml 
Particles ** content:  < 1ml 
Endotoxines*   0.001 EU/ml

Feedwater requirements 
Drinking water acc. to DIN 2000 Feedwater temperature: + 2°C up to + 35°C
Manganese and iron content: < 0,05 mg/l
Free chlorine content: < 1 mg/l
Silt density index (SDI): max. 3
Technical data 
Operating pressure in bar, min./max. 0,5-6 bar
Supply voltage: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Connected load: 0.1 kW
Connector size: 8 mm hose
Ambient temperature: + 2°C up to + 35°C
Dimensions ***, W x D x H: 390 x 725 x 615 mm
Weight: 20/21 kg

*     in dependence on the feedwater quality 
**   with sterilizing filter 0,2 µm 
*** with OptiFill Dispenser 

Code Description
BOE 8210051 BOECOpure PLUS Standard, 6 l/h - Typical application: AAS, IC, ICP, buffers and media preparation
BOE 8210052 BOECOpure PLUS UV, 6 l/h
BOE 8210102 BOECOpure PLUS UV, 12 l/h Typical application: Ultra-trace analysis, ICP-MS, HPLC, TOC
BOE 8210053 BOECOpure UF/UV Typical application: Life science and microbiology, cell culture media

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